Regular Education Transportation Service Request

Student transportation eligibility can be found on the Transportation Service Standards web page. Please note, due to COVID-19 BSD is unable to offer transportation services to ineligible students until further notice.

Requests may be made for service beyond what is required by State law or District policy. These requests should be submitted each year after July 1st for the coming school year. Generally the requests will not begin to be processed until after the end of September, when accurate information is available on route ridership. Requests are processed in date received order.

This form may be used:

  1. To request an additional stop on a route. Safety is the primary consideration when evaluating these requests. If you are requesting an alternate stop for before or after school care, please contact your school.
  2. To request a review of an existing stop.
  3. If your student is ineligible for transportation due to:
    • residing in the No Transportation Zone
    • residing outside the attendance area of the school they are attending
Approval is based on:
  • Space availability on the requested route and will be completed on a first come, first serve basis. Please note: If ridership of eligible students on the selected route increases during the school year your student may lose ridership privileges.
  • Safe Access, as determined by the transportation department, to an existing stop
Please complete one form for each student. Forms received with more than one student listed will be returned.

Requests for service must be made each school year after July 1. Requests are processed in date received order.

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